Virginia Radio Coop (VRC) is a non-profit trade group which provides common support functions for a group of seven FM stations operating in Charlottesville and the Central Virginia region.  The coop manages studio, office, and transmitter site rental for the Charlottesville stations.  It also handles some equipment purchases, and many office support services for all of the stations.  Each station is operated by a unique board of directors who makes all program and management decisions related to the individual radio station which they own and manage.  These stations are all non-commercial however businesses and organizations may purchase underwriting announcements through Charlottesville ad agency Experience Media or from the individual stations.  Each station is authorized for a power level of 100 Watts at 30 meters at a 100 foot antenna elevation or its equivalent by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Our members include these organizations and radio stations:


Ruckersville (Greene County – Charlottesville Northern Metro):

  • Gateway Media – WKMZ – 96.5 – TBA (Now On-Air – Repeats WREN)


  • Big Deal Productions – WBDB – 103.3 – Triple A (Adult Album Alternative)

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